We have an excellent track record of successful outcomes. Below are a selection of our recent cases. Over 98% of clients recieve a successful outcome.


  • R v. P – driver accrued 18 penalty points and was at risk of being disqualified for 6 months under totting up procedure. Exceptional Hardship found “in part” by the court; disqualified for one day (therefore wiping all 18 points).
  • R v. G – successfully argued that the drink drive procedure had been incorrectly undertaken, thereby ruling the evidence out and securing a not guilty verdict.
  • R v. G – Guilty plea to excess alcohol with high reading – starting point on sentencing guidelines of a disqualification of 20-22 months, which the Judge said he would follow. After hearing mitigation, convinced to reduce it to 18 months and a fine.
  • R v. M – case discontinued against youth accused of disqualified driving, despite him admitting the offence during a police interview.
  • R v. E – Prosecution discontinued after successful back calculation showed driver had consumed alcohol after he had driven his car.
  • R v. D – Totted up to 12 points on licence – court persuaded Exceptional Hardship would be caused and licence retained.
  • R v. C – Guilty plea to drink drive with serious accident – sentence reduced to a fine and 14 months disqualification with Rehabilitation Course offered to reduce ban by 25%.
  • R v. F – case discontinued against man accused of crashing his car whilst disqualified despite the police saying he had admitted it during an interview.
  • R v. T – Guilty plea to failing to stop after accident, failing to report and careless driving – starting point on sentencing guidelines of a community order and 6 months disqualification – reduced to 10 penalty points and a fine.
  • R v. S – client performed a dangerous u-turn knocking a motorcyclist off his bike causing injury. Successful representations avoided a disqualification and the client received 4 penalty points.
  • R v. D – driver went through a red light and crashed into tram.  Avoided disqualification and licence endorsed with 4 penalty points.
  • R v. P – Guilty plea to speeding (77mph in 50 zone) – Court stepped back from disqualification and imposed a Fine and 6 penalty points.
  • R v. R – Driver charged with careless driving, fail to report and fail to stop after an accident. Successfully persuaded Crown prosecution service to drop later two charges. Received 3 penalty points for careless driving.
  • R v. F – A fail to provide case in which the police did not follow the correct procedure in requesting and obtaining a blood sample from the client, who after a road traffic accident, was admitted as a patient at hospital.