Morgan Hogarth

Morgan Hogarth is a Motoring Law expert with over 10 years of experience as a Solicitor. He was admitted as a solicitor in 2009.

Morgan will often deal with the most technical of Motoring Law cases that Bhatia Best deals with. His knowledge of Motoring Law and all of the various intricacies involved is a constant source of assistance (and wonder) to the rest of the Team.

In dealing with cases, Morgan will often spot something that has been missed by the Police and Prosecution, leading to a more favourable outcome for his Client. With an ability to quickly get to the bottom of the issue in any particular case, Morgan will waste no time in exposing any inadequacies in a Police or Prosecution case.
It is often said that repeat business is a great mark of high-level performance and with Morgan that i

s certainly the case. Morgan gets asked for time and time again by his clients and given his meticulous preparation, wealth of knowledge, wonderful client care and experienced advocacy skills that is no surprise.

Any client represented by Morgan will look back on the case knowing that the best possible result was obtained and that they truly had a Motoring Law expert fighting for them every step of the way.

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