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Our Driving Offence Solicitors have an excellent positive result rate defending traffic offences and keeping people on the road. Call us on 0333 016 3333 or complete our contact form and one of our Motoring Lawyers will call you back for free.

We provide expert advice and representation for all driving offences. Do you have a defence? If not, are you able to avoid disqualification or reduce the penalty? Can we keep you on the road? These are the questions that we can answer.

Unlike other firms who claim to be experts, our dedicated team are all specialist motoring lawyers with years of experience defending all manner of motoring offences. From speeding offencesdrink drivingdriving without insurance and death by dangerous driving; we successfully defend the full spectrum of road traffic offences.

Instructing one of our specialist Driving Offence Solicitors will give you the best possible chance of keeping your licence and staying on the road.

Our team can help you:

  • Represent you both at the police station and at court
  • Defend a road traffic charge
  • Avoid a 6 month ‘totting ban‘ for accumulating 12 points in any three year period
  • Avoid a discretionary driving ban for a one-off offence, perhaps where high speeds were involved
  • Argue ‘special reasons’ for people facing a drink driving charge

Call our Motoring & Driving Offence Solicitors on 0333 016 3333 or contact us online.

We provide advice and assistance 24 hours 365 days a year.

Legal Aid & Funding

You may be eligible for Legal Aid to fund your defence. Where Legal Aid is not available, we will provide you with a competitive fixed fee quote.

“Totting up” to 12 points

If you receive 12 penalty points on your licence for offences within three years of each other you should be disqualified for at least six months. Our Motoring Lawyers have many years of success in saving driving licences by arguing that drivers would suffer exceptional hardship if banned. Our Motoring Lawyers can assess if your case does amount to exceptional hardship, advise as to what evidence the court will require and represent you on the day.

Exceptional Hardship Arguments

Exceptional hardship is not specifically defined. Examples could be loss of employment, particularly when this will affect others as well as illness or disability in relation to yourself or a relative who relies upon you to transport them. Exceptional hardship is at the discretion of the Court. Our Driving Offence Lawyers have years of experience in successfully arguing Exceptional Hardship Arguments and we will advise you on the gathering of evidence to support your argument and will represent you at court.

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