Our Motoring Solicitors have an excellent positive result rate defending traffic offences and keeping people on the road. Call us on 0333 016 3333 or complete our contact form and one of our lawyers will call you back for free.

We provide expert advice and representation for all driving offences. Do you have a defence? If not, are you able to avoid disqualification or reduce the penalty? Can we keep you on the road? These are the questions that we can answer.

Initial Advice

We provide up to 45 minutes of advice in person or on the phone. We can also help you complete your s.172 notice or Court documentation. You might simply want to know if you have a defence.

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Police Station Advice

If you are being interviewed by the police or the DVSA, you should always ensure a lawyer is present. Anyone being interviewed by the police is entitled to a solicitor free of charge.

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Representation at Court

We represent thousands of clients each year at Courts across the UK. We offer legal aid for most motoring law matters. Where legal aid is not available, we offer fixed fees with no hidden costs.

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